A beautiful day planned here.  Highs in the mid 70’s. My veggies are growing….the sun is shining, and our trees are in bloom!


 The hubby is already at work but I know that he has a busy day planned in the yard when he gets home.  We need to get the onionsin the ground today so that should be fun.  Mom may come over this morning to do some laundry* and sit with the kids while I go to the gym.  We are still waiting to hear what time my sister will be arriving.  She will be staying for a few days so I will make sure to get some funny pics with her and the kids. 

 Daniel had a rough night and spent the last few hours in bed with us.  He managed to wake everyone in the house overnight.  So off to bed with us.  Daniel was nice enough to start playing with the alarm on my watch, which started going off at 6:15 am.  So much for sleeping in.

 *(Mom and Dad have a small all-in-one washer dryer….great for small loads, not so great for towels and heavy sweatshirts…..it’s a good trade….watch my kids, I’ll do your laundry!) Anyway….. enjoy the pictures….take special notice of the new flower box in the front yard.  The hubby and I built that last night.  It is going to be home to our red and blue hydrangea.  We will probably put some annuals in there until the plants get bigger.  Everything in the front yard and back yard is very pink and very green……

Hope you have a wonderful spring day!


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  1. pillarr1 says:

    Man! You guys are going to be on the Home and Garden channel soon. Looks great.

  2. Amy Warden says:

    Beautiful blooms!! We’re hoping to get a planter box ready for our garden in the back yard soon. We’ve started tomato and pepper seeds.

  3. Amy says:

    beautiful spring flowers!!!!! don’t you with they would stay pink all year (or at least a little longer than a week or two??) 🙂 great planter box…i LOVE my hydrangeas 🙂

  4. Oh my, what pretty flowers! I love flowers, and I have a green thumb, but no place to exercise it. *sigh* One day I’ll have a little place to garden even if it is on the patio – AFTER the kids get big enough to know better than to uproot them one by one, heehee.

  5. Kirsten says:

    So beautiful!! I’d love to add some color to our yard, I just have no idea where to begin. I seem to kill everything (though I did manage to keep $.99 poinsettias alive for nearly two months over the holiday so maybe the tides have turned!)
    Winter use to be my favorite season but now that we are outside so much with the girls, I am starting to favor spring more. It’s just so beautiful.
    Looks great!

  6. soralis says:

    Thanks for the pictures… nothing blooming here yet so it’s nice to see that spring is somewhere!

    Take care

  7. cat says:

    Your flowers are absolutely beautiful! We also had a rough night.

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