Political Gridlock, Octomom
Image by gwen via Flickr

was a stripper!  Now there is a shock!  Couldn’t have seen that one coming…….

Nadia, Octo-Mom, Angelina….whatever it is that you want to be called….what is up with you?

You really think the state is going to let you keep all of your children….?

I hope not……

God, that woman pisses me off to no end!


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  1. Not so much surprised. I hope she is getting some type of mental health counseling.

  2. Tinker says:

    The more I read about her, the more annoyed I become. Even my husband who is generally the kind of guy to leave things alone has said that he hopes those kids get put into better homes.

  3. Soralis says:

    I just can’t even begin to understand the IF dr. that was involved in this case.

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