Well, the father in law is still alive.  This is good news.  He has a ton of bleeding gastric ulcers and blood clots in his stomachbut should make it.  They are still trying to stabilize his blood pressure and hemoglobin and remains in the ICU.

We will be going out to North Dakota sooner rather than later, and without the kids.  I am just praying that the kids will behave for my parents.

Decluttering has kicked into overdrive….today, I empties all of my cupboards of food in preparation for the upcoming kitchen remodel.  I also got rid of about 9 bags of garbage and “stuff” from the office.  I can’t believe how much crap I have, have kept around, and really have no need for.

We also have about a metric ton of baby clothes that the kids have outgrown.  Some thrift store shopping mother is going to make out like a bandit. 

It was a lot of work, but my mother came over this morning to entertain the twins, and help me out.  I, being the good daughter that I am, made sure that she went home with some of my old “crap” and “stuff”.  We are going over there tonight for supper.  the hubby is going up in the attic to measure so we can get more insulation for their attic.  Hopefully, we can keep their air conditioning costs down for the summer.

The rain has finally stopped….at least temporarily…..it is supposed to storm again tonight, and continue until Sunday.  This will pretty much cut out our trip up to the Poconos….but that’s okay….it’s a crap shoot as far as how the kids behave in public anyway…….

I feel like I haven’t stopped moving in days.  I am really missing the gym and doing my yoga….I have to figure something out…..I mean, my body hurts from not working out…… and I stopped just as I was getting the jiggle factor to a reasonable level……

So, back to entertaining the kids and maybe even put my feet up for a few minutes…NOT!

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  1. cat says:

    Good news and good luck.

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