I meant to say crazy.  I just put up with a 45 minute long temper tantrum from both kids, Daniel broke the wooden holder for the coasters, I superglues it back together, super gluing my fingers to each other and the wooden holder, made potato salad, broke up three hair pulling “incidents”……..

Seriously….I might need to seek professional help…..

Oh yeah, and I getto take a soggy wet dog to get shaved down.  Did I mention that our appointment is at 5pm?  Yeah, so I get to sit in traffic too.

Lucky me.

Yeah, my life is soooo boring.



















But sometimes, they are cute…….not today….but sometimes!

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  1. Helene says:

    Oh man, I’ve had those days too! There are days where I want to voluntarily check myself into the psych ward. But then when all the kids are asleep at night (looking like little angels), I think “well, they’re not so bad after all”. Then the next day they put me through hell again and I find myself so tempted to auction them off on E-Bay (Buy 2, Get 2 Free).

    BTW, how’s your garden doing?

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