Not what I had planned

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

My blog post was supposed to be called “Three Little Stinkers” and I was going to tell you about the three baby skunks that are living next door to us and how cute they are.  Or I would have told you all about the trip to Lancaster County and our ride on the Strasbugh Railroad (choo choo).  But instead, I am at my mom and Dad’s house.

My mom fell this morning and cracked her head open.

She was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Now I am just waiting to hear if she is okay.

Please say a prayer.

  1. cat says:

    Oh my goodness Kari – hope all is ok. Prayers your way.

  2. Thinking of you guys.

  3. Sending many prayers to you and your mom. Let us know how she’s doing.

  4. O my goodness, I do hope she will be ok!

    I am giving you a blog award. Check the awards post I’m publishing tomorrow.

  5. hrringleader says:

    Kari, My thoughts and prayers are with your mother, you, and your family. Keep us posted.

  6. pillarr1 says:

    I hope your mom is feeling better. We hate to think about our parents getting older and things like this happening. But all we can do is be there for them and do what we can. I know she is glad that she lives near you know. Now you can administer some mothering to your own mom now that you are an expert at it. Hugs girl.

  7. Amy says:

    hope your mom is feeling better soon. sending you a hug 🙂

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