got up and went.  I have no energy to day at all.  The kids slept through the night, I slept well, except for some really weird dreams, and the kids are being good today.  The sun is out but somehow, I am in a funk.

My mother is recovering.  She is still really sore but is hanging in there.  Dad and my nephew are off to Old City Philadelphiafor a historic tour.  Mom and my niece are home making people out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls.  The kids are coming over tonight for supper.  This should be interesting.  I really need to shake this funk.

I am still shaking my head about all the press coverage on MJ’s death, Farrah’s death and now Billy Mays.  Poor Patrick Swayze is probably getting very nervous.  I just want to watch something else on TV other than celebrity death.

I have lots of pictures to post of both our trip on the Choo Choo and the baby skunks that are wondering our block.  Tomorrow, the kids are coming back over to go swimming and then Wednesday, we are going to the Crayolafactory.  So I will probably post a ton of picutres on thursday.

Oh, and I got my new phone.  I love it.  I will miss my blackberry and mobile tweeting, but I love having a camera phone again.  Oh, and it saves us more than $30 per month, so it’s really a good thing!


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  1. Amy says:

    i’m with you on the ridiculous way our media seems to cover these celebrity deaths. yes, mj was a phenom and a musical trendsetter, but does that make him worthy of all this coverage? what did he do to make the world a better place?….oh, i know….he helped get obama elected….

    have fun at the crayola factory….can’t wait to hear about it. want to take my boys there someday 🙂

  2. Kirsten says:

    I am so sorry about your mom but hope she is doing much better now.

    The Crayola factory sounds way cool…something to add to our “Must See” list for the girls!!

    Hope you’re feeling better : )

  3. Amy says:

    where’ve you been? miss you….

  4. Soralis says:

    Sorry to hear about your Mom’s fall.. that’s horrible.

    Crayola Factory… wish I could come with you sounds like fun!

    Take care

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