and I don’t really care what the furry little rodent sees.  My life is pretty much like Bill Murray‘s is in the movie Groundhog Day. I wake up the same, I go to bed the same.  Somewhere in the middle is a series of mild disasters, a few tears (mine and the Twinkies), some growling (me and the dogs), some food (mostly for the Twinkies) and there we are.

Although I live in Pennsylvania, I live about as far away from Punxsutawney as you can get and still be in the Keystone State.  They are a different breed up there….(and that is all I am going to say about that)  And, while I am on the subject,  I don’t even want to know hoe “Gobbler’s Knob” got it name.  Really….talk about TMI (too much information).  I have nothing against groundhogs in general.  I love animals.  I think PETA suggesting that they use and animatronics version of Phil is a bit much…ok…it is down right stupid.  The people up there worship “Phil The Groundhog”.  He lives better than I did when I was in college!!!

My day yesterday was wonderful.  I am not going into much detail about that, but it was just what the doctor ordered.  And besides that, I actually sorted and folded socks, and hung up laundry.  Yeah, I was in a pretty darn good mood to do that and then ADMIT it on my blog.

Daniel was a little fussy in the night.  He keeps putting his hands over his ears and screaming.  I am not sure if it is because he is getting the 2 year molars, he has the start of an ear infection, or even he thinks that his screaming and squealing is too loud (the boy can blow out an eardrum!).  Having never had 2 year old before…. I am asking all those mommies out there who have walked down this path to shed some insight…..

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  1. Thanks for your message girl. If you ask my opinion, get his ears looked at. Have a look if other loud noises bother him and have they before? Does he wake up regularly around midnight to 2 am? These are all typical ear infection issues (although teething looks much the same apart from the loud noises).

  2. Debi says:

    This is my first visit to your blog, what a sweet story you have. I also did a post TODAY on Groundhog Day and mothering – 🙂

    I don’t have multiples, but we have 11 children, 9 still at home and this analogy fits us well.

    Happy Groundhog Day! Great blog.

  3. Peta will never surprise you at how silly they are? Groundhogs? When will they start wanting to arrest lions because they cruelly savage antelopes? Anyway, you may enjoy this:

  4. […] It’s Groundhog Day!!! ( […]

  5. Ann says:

    Good to hear “you got your groove back”. Not sure how you did it, but sounds like you had fun.

    Keep smiling. Life is so much better when the glass is half full.

  6. pillarr1 says:

    That sounds like an ear infection to me. Rachel is the queen of ear infections having had several and 2 sets of tubes, her adnoids out, and she just turned 2 last week. Although the teething can be equally miserable. I would take him to the doctor to be sure because you do NOT want to let an ear infection go without treatment.

    PS – Kari you must root for the Colts in the Superbowl this weekend!

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