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So we survived 18 months…..

We didn’t end up doing dinner with Mom and Dad since the kids ended up getting 3 shots at the pediatrician.  Daniel is 30 lbs and Melissa is 27 lbs.  Melissa is 34 1/4″ and Daniel is 34 1/2″ tall.  Melissa is maintaining her 97th + percentile for her height.  What can I say….maybe she will get a basketball scholarship.

Today, I am going to venture to home depot to buy wood for the front garden. We bought a red hydrangea and blue Nikko hydrangeaplants and are giving up on our sickly roses in the front yard.  So, I will drop the kids off with Mom, borrow Dad and off to home depot I will go.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and I really can hardly wait to get the kids out to the park or at least for a nice long walk.  And my sister will be here this weekend…yee ha!

It was a rough night for Melissa overnight.  I think her teethwere really bugging her, so (bad mommy), I brought her in bed with us.  She was really restless and so I am a little tired this morning.  Thank God for good coffee.  I really can’t wait for the teething to be done…..really….enough already!



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So they kids had their 15 month check up (and yes, I am aware that they are 16 months old).  They got two shots and were little champs about it.  They walked all over the office and at the end, Melissa took my hand and walked out and Daniel took the hubby’s hand and did the same thing.  I think they were showing off….just a little.

So, brace yourselves….I have their stats!!!

Daniel…my little tiny man…who weighed a mere 4.2lbs when he came home from the NICU….

Weight:     29lbs 6oz  (92nd percentile)    Height: 33 inches (90th percentile)

Melissa…my little mouse….who was always just a little bigger than her brother….

Weight: 26 lbs 13oz (90th percentile)      Height: 34 inches (greater than the 97th percentile)

Yeah, so we grow them big here in the Philly suburbs.

Daniel does have to go and get some more blood drawn to rule out food allergies…(gee wouldn’t it have been nice if the pediatrician told me there was a blood test available….I cancelled the allergist appointment anyway….) and she also gave him some new antihistamines and cream from crotch rot…and the office visit was F R E E!  Yes, I love the new insurance that the kids have……so worth $80 per month!!!!

I have heard that if you measure a little girl’s height when she is two, and then double it, it will give you an estimate of how tall she will be full grown……yeah…..she’s almost 3 feet tall now……looks like she and I need to sit down and start discussing basketball…….

Oh….and they both slept the ENTIRE night…no middle of the night bottle.  WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO!  And it is going to be 60 here today….so guess who is loading up her giant children and getting the heck out of the house today!


(sorry….I am a little excited)

Mama = having a good day for once!  Yippee for Me!

Yeah, so I neglected to mention that I bought shoes for the monsters yesterday.  Size 5 shoes.  Giant shoes.

Daniel has these square, wide, brick shaped, Fred Flint-stone feet.  So, he ended up with these navy blue (bo-bo’s…sorry, not spending a ton of money on shoes for the kids…no freakin’ way…$10 is the limit!!!) sneakers with 2 Velcro straps.  Daniel always stands on his toes and I really need him to stop doing that…It just looks like it hurts.  So I put them on him while he was in the jumper and he managed to get one of them off.  He then proceeded to jump on the unshod foot.  And screamed.  He now knows that it hurts.  Some lessons, Mommy has to let the little man learn on his own.

Melissa ended up with little white high top boots.  She loves them.  She is “practicing” walking with help.  I am a little concerned about her feet as well as it seems she is turning her feet inwards.  I was a pigeon toed kid and they ended up putting this device on me with a bar across it to “straighten” my feet out.  To this day, I blame that thing on my multiple knee and ankle issues (and I am sure that all the sports I played had something to do with it).

My parents and 94 year old grandmother are currently on their way here.  They are house hunting over the next few days for their retirement home.  This should be an adventure…

The kids had me up a bunch of times in the night.  But I wasn’t really sleeping.  I made the mistake of watching “Ins.ide the Tow.ers” on D.iscovery channel.  That is not something to go to sleep to.  So, I eventually shut it off and put the old ipod on.  That didn’t work either.  By 3 am, when I was up with Melissa, I just decided to go down on the couch and watch TV.  I couldn’t very well vacuum or anything.  I suppose I could have done laundry, but that is hard in the dark too.  So, I watched TV.  Hubby got up and ready and was out the door to work.  He called a few minutes ago and is not sure hwat time he will be getting home tonight.  Funny how “crazy things are” at work whenever my family is around.  They should be arriving at supper time so I have taken a nice roast out and will “attempt” to make dinner for everyone.  That is going to be up to the kids…..

Well, the kids miraculous ability to sleep the night is apparently selective. They were only up once and I know I should not complain.

This morning has just been comical.

Daniel woke up about 6:45. I changed him, put him back in the crib with his binky and turned on the mobile. He stayed quiet while I went down to warm up the bottles. I came back up and he was fast asleep. I woke him up, put him in the boppy and put him on “autopilot” (bottle in mouth, pillow under bottle…self feeding system…I’m horrible, I know). He managed to spit up all over himself and the boppy. So, I change his clothes and will be throwing the boppy in the wash momentarily. He was also not interested in burping for me this morning so I am sure that he will spit up again.

I had to wake Melissa up. I changed her and gave her her bottle. She, of course, decides to poop. So, I let her finish her bottle and her poop and put her up on the changing table. I change her (what a mess) and decided that I will use a baby wipe to clean her neck folds (which always seem to catch stuff). She hates this. She begins to scream. Keep in mind that I have not yet replaced her diaper. In protest, she pees….everywhere…. So, I put the diaper on her and put her on the floor to dress her. She looks adorable. Pink long sleeve onesie, punk velour pants with little flowers, pink velour jacket. She is radiant and glowing and smiling and looks so cute. I pick up my daughter to hug her and tell her how much Mommy loves her. And then, she spits up, well, pukes rather… everywhere…. The whole side of my cheek and neck, all down the front and side of her. And the child had just burped a huge one not 5 minutes before.

So, it will be laundry for me today….

It is just going to be one of those days.