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Well, I got up this morning and did my hair, despite the forecasters warning that today would not be a good hair day.  Hey, at least I tried.  I am not sitting in my parent’s living room wearing a visor that I am pretty sure my nephew left here.  I arrived at my parent house in a deluge of some of the heaviest rain I have seen in a long time.  Well, the hair couldn’t be saved…..

My parents are driving to Massachusetts and I am sitting with my Grandmother.  It is really kind of sad.  It seems like she is just sitting around waiting to die.  She asked me earlier if these “were my kids?”  Ummm, yeah….These are my kids, Grandma…….I mean…she is 95 but seems to be fading faster and faster all the time.  I don’t ever want to get that old.

Meanwhile,  I am still trying to figure out how to get all the movies of the babies off of my harddrive on my video camera.  I want to burn them to DVD.  So far, I haven’t had much luck.

Tomorrow, I am having an electrician (friend) come in to install the ceiling fan.  The hubby took one look at it and it was “over his head” and he didn’t want to short out the rest of the house.  Electricity has never been his strong suit.  I remember one time when we were first dating and he was talking to me on the phone while trying to wire some lights in the basement.  Well, something went buzz and he flew halfway across the basement, while I was on the phone with him.


We did go to Dorney Park and had a good time.  The kids enjoyed it.  The hubby, not so much.  He doesn’t like rides. so he spent most of the day holding the bags of stuff that we dragged around instead of paying $15 to rent a locker for 4 hours…….but I did manage to get some sun, and am sporting some tan lines for the first time this year.


I was the formerly infertile mom who brought her beautiful kids into the fertility clinic.  Yup….and I made a bunch of angry infertiles wait while I had my blood drawn so that we could donate our embryos.  They looked at me with such disgust, scorn and disdain.  And I suppose I cannot blame them.  I knew the look in their eyes.  I had the very same look.  The “when is it going to be my turn” look. 

I can remember thinking, while sitting in the waiting room, what kind of a mean, hateful woman, would bring her kids with her, flaunting them to women who are desperate for their own children.  Today, I had no choice.  I didn’t want to be “that woman”.  But the women in line don’t know my story, they don’t know that the bloodwork I had done today will be so that another infertile couple have a chance to have their miracle.  They don’t know the immeasurable amount of tears that went into our miracle finally happening for us.  They don’t know that I have been where they are. 

I am sure some among the group thought that I was there because we were doing IVF again (being greedy).  Oh, if they only knew….neither of my kids slept last night.  They took turns screaming, and the hubby and I got no sleep.  No, I will not be doing IVF again.  Two is plenty….two is more than enough for me.

I sincerely hope that each of those women can forgive me, and I pray that their miracle happens for them.

The trip to the gym was great!  The kids did great…except for Melissa bonking Daniel in the head with a toy.  But that is kind of par for the course.

Yoga last night was great too.  I felt great when I got home.  The hubby had fed and bathed and bedded the kids.  Wow!  What a great surprise!

This morning, I got up and went to a Mommy Market and the hubby got the kids up and fed and changed them and was playing with them when I got home.

Since the weather is so nice, we are planning on taking the kids on a walk over to the park a little later and then out to eat at, where kids under 2 eat free…..(tee hee hee…if it’s free….it’s for me!)

Everyone is napping right now, the hubby is enjoying his rare Saturday off but sawing logs on the couch.  I think I may try to catch a few winks myself.

I am, for the first time in a while, feeling rather contented.  Maybe it’s the yoga, maybe it’s the endorphins, maybe it is the fact that it is in the 60’s here…..who knows….and I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  By the way, who came up with that little gem?  What is “a gift horse” and why exactly shouldn’t I look in it’s mouth?  Someone tell me please!!!

the kids in “baby jail”

Doing the no pants dance

Doing the no pants dance


all pigtailed out!

all pigtailed out!

So it wasn’t so bad that the hubby woke up at 3:30am and decided to go into work.  It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t get back to sleep.  It wasn’t so bad that I came downstairs and curled up on the couch under my very cozy Eagles blanket…

But when the hubby’s alarm clock went off at 4:30 am, and I raced up the stairs to shut it off before it woke the monsters, and my right foot went squarely into the leg of the folding laundry basket in the hall and I got tunnel vision from the pain, well, that was enough.  Folks, I am pretty darn sure that I have a broken toe. 

And this sucker #$%^&% hurts!!!

It is my right ring finger toe…I don’t know what the heck it’s called….the one next to my pinky toe.  And it is the top “knuckle” / joint, right under the nail. Owwwwwiiiieeeee!

So, now I have it taped to the surrounding toes.  There is just nothing that you can do for a broken toe except suck it up.  Poor me.  No treadmill for me for a while.

The good news is that the kids slept through the night… YIPPPPEEEEE!!!

In other news:

I called the allergist to  schedule an appointment for Daniel.  I am really not gett

ing a good feeling about the possibility of having him scratch tested.  I consulted Dr. Google and most people say that under 2 years of ago is a no-no.  That is just the beginning…..they inject allergens under the skin, then make you wait 20 minutes to check reactions.  Yeah, like Daniel will really love that….with his eczema…and he is supposed to have his system clear of all antihistamines for 10 days.  Yeah right……He is on benadryl every 6 hours and children’s zyrtec once a day.  There is just no way to keep him comfortable without antihistamines.  I mean, I will go and talk to the allergist, but there is no way I am going to let them do skin testing on my son.  I had skin testing done when I was in 8th grade.  I came up allergic to everything they tested for (grass, pollen, mold, dust, dogs, cats, milk, orange juice, tobacco, etc).  And I might occasionally have a couple of days per year that I have a runny nose in the spring and fall.  I drink milk.  I drink orange juice (albeit with vodka).  I have dogs.  I’ve had cats.  I worked in a vet hospital!!!! I cut the grass.  My house isn’t dust free by any stretch of the imagination and I have a damp basement.  I am happy to report that I am still here, alive….that allergist was an idiot!!!


it’s 4 days until Phillies Spring Training! WAHOOOO!!!! 


And just because it is kind of a gray day here…I thought I would attach a couple of cute shots of the kids….

 hangin' out.....

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call this weekend the pinnacle of excitement but these days, I will take dull over drama.

There is a very cool second-hand store in town and I managed to find a bathtub ring for the kids for a whopping $1.90.  We were hoping to get at least one for the kids birthday, but then were concerned that Daniel (Chunk-A-Monk) was too big for it.  Well, I cleaned it up and we tried Melissa in it first…..

tub ring

He seemed to enjoy himself well enough and that means that Mommy or Daddy don’t “have” to get in the tub anymore.  Keep in mind, sometimes, the best part of my day is the bath with the kids.  That means the hubby dries them up, gets them diapered, slathers them up with their eczema meds and puts them in their cribs.  I soak in the tub……It’s not really a fair trade off, but I do take the risk of being in a tub with a little boy who seems to think that peeing is an Olympic event.


She seemed to love it.  So then, we tried Daniel….

bathtub boy


I also have a couple of finicky eaters all of a sudden.  I am guess that since they have colds, they can’t really taste the food.  I mean, think about it, when you are all stuffed up, you can’t taste anything…..Well, that and the teething…..

So Melissa has entered the stage where she wants to feed herself.  By that I mean, she wants to grab the spoon or just knock it away just to make a mess…

Exhibit A:

messy eater

Exhibit B:

Oh…and she discovered that her finger fits nicely in her nose…

messy eater 2

Yeah, gross!  I know! But not my boy…….Ok…he does have a snotty nose but nothing like the mess his sister is…..

not so messy

And in some very sad news, we had to take Daniel’s jumpy-jump down.  All of his crazy antics actually started cracking the plaster in the doorway.  So, no more jumpy jump.  He was funny last night.  I was like he was going through withdrawal.  He was just bouncing and bouncing on his Daddy’s lap.

But in some great news….My girlfriend Angie and My neighbor, Steve got engaged on Saturday night.  I am over the moon happy for them.  Angie is Colin’s mommy and Colin is Melissa’s “boyfriend”.  They are both such great people and deserve all the happiness in the world.  I know Angie reads this blog from time to time…(Don’t be mad at me for posting your news…there were actually a few people on the planet that didn’t know he was going to pop the question!!!)

The hubby finally put up the Christmas lights outside.  That is going to be the extent of the decorating around here.  We aren’t going to be home for Christmas, we will be at my parent’s house.  They will have a tree.  I just can’t see putting up a bunch of stuff that the twins will just tear down…..  I hope that doesn’t make me a bad parent…….

Ok, just so I don’t ramble on toods much, here is the wrap up of our “surprise” trip to Western PA.


I spent the day packing and loading the car with 2 pack.n.plays, a walker and our suitcase.  We decided that instead of cooking and making a mess in the kitchen, we would go to Son.ic.  I found one not too far from our house (about 14 miles or so) and off we went.  The hubby had never been to one and I think he really liked it.  There are very few things that cost less than $3 that make me happy, but the Butterfinger son.ic blast is pretty much at the top of the list.  We came home and put the kids to bed and tried to get some sleep.  I had this idea that if we travelled overnight, there was a good chance that the kids would sleep.  So, we woke up at midnight, loaded the kids, and off we went.  I drove the first leg of the trip….about 12:15 am to 4:30 am.  Most of that time, the kids did NOT sleep.  They fussed.  And fussed.  And fussed.  The hubby saw most of the state of PA looking out the rear view window.  When my eyes finally gave out and I started to see double, I asked the hubby to drive.  He hadn’t had much of a chance to sleep as the kids didn’t putter out until nearly 3:30 am.

Thursday…(the wee small hours)

The hubby drove and I woke up about 5:45am after a much needed nap.  I have always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere…(I used to train software and travelled nationwide….I slept on airplanes…sleeping through take offs and landings)  We arrived at 6:15 am.  I called my mother and asked her if she saw any turkeys in her front yard.  She was perplexed.  Then I told her, “you have two big turkeys and two little turkeys in your front yard”.  Again, she had no idea what I was talking about…. (please keep in mind, my mother had surgery on her foot in October and has been in a chair since the surgery and is forbidden to bear any weight on her foot until January.)  Then I asked her if she saw any headlights in her drive way.  And then she got it!!!!!!!!!  She squealed with delight!!!  My Aunt was visiting and helping Mom out and knew we were coming…Mom was really surprised!!!  We got the kids unloaded and despite them wearing overnight diapers, they were SOAKED!  So, we changed them into pajamas.  We set up the pack.n.plays (one in each of the gues rooms) and prayed the kids would go back to sleep.  Yeah right……… such luck.


The hubby got a nap.  I dealt with the kids.  Daniel was extra fussy….he managed to pick up a cold….go figure….he was just at the pediatricians office, of course he would come home with a cold….(I swear they do not wipe down the toys in the waiting room…..and why should they….they are in business too….)  And Daniel was also cutting two more teeth…. Yeah! So a cold, two teeth, chicken pox and eczema.  He was a real delight.  Melissa was just crabby because she was tired.

Thursday Afternoon…

Dinner was a treat. (please note sarcasm…..) For whatever reason, my aunt decided to throw the traditional menu out the window and do her own thing…, we had turkey, potatoes and then she made stuffing from a box, Sweet potatoes from a box, and brussel sprouts.  OMG………….yucko!  We have ALWAYS made homemade stuffing.  It is a tradition.  And no one eats sweet potatoes.  And brusselsprouts… their a yuckier food out there?  If there is, I have never tasted it.  We also had an apple pie and my aunt’s version of a chocolate pie.  It was no where near as good as my mother’s cooking and not to brag….but I could have made a tastier meal with one arm tied behind my back.  ( We are going back from Christmas and I have made a deal with my Dad that I will do the cooking, make the coffee, etc…..)  There is always a coffee war at my parent’s house.  Dad makes it too strong, my aunt makes it too weak…..I normally try to just leave the house and go to the coffee shop around the block so no one’s feelings get hurt.


The kids had some turkey and some potatoes and seemed to enjoy making a mess.  I was just exhausted by this point and wanted to do nothing but sleep.  The rest of the day was kind of a blur….


It should have been a nice relaxing day, but Melissa managed to pick up Daniel’s cold so we had two sick babies.  It was a rough night for Daniel (who slept in bed with his Daddy in one of the guest rooms while I slept on the world’s most uncomfortable single bed while Melissa slept in her  The hubby went out and picked up a nasal aspirator for the kids (the one item I did NOT pack).  The day flew by and we decided that we would have Chinese food for lunch….(again, not a tradition….what the heck ever happened to turkey sandwiches?)  The Chinese food was kinda yucky…the fried rice was YELLOW!!!!  I ate my sesame chicken and some of the yellow rice and tossed the rest in the trash.  Well, Miss Melissa, who was tooling around in the walker, found the trash can, and the Chinese food container…and well, she liked the yellow rice…


We got up and got the kids dressed and loaded and hit the road.  I am glad that we left on Saturday instead of waiting until yesterday like everyone else.  We had a nice drive home, in bright sunshine, but it was cold.  We stopped once to change the kids and were like a nascar pit crew.  We each grabbed a kid, a diaper and a wipe, put the kid on the front seat, changed, redressed and put them back in their carseats.  Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!  We got home and the kids were so happy to see their doggies and more so, all of their toys.  Melissa crawled into the toy box………Thank goodness we're home!!!

And the best part……….

Saturday night the kids S L E P T   A L L  N I G H T  L O N G!    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday, we just relaxed.  The weather was crappy.  We were going to do some Christmas decorating but I think we were all just too wiped out.


So there you have it…..