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Well, I got up this morning and did my hair, despite the forecasters warning that today would not be a good hair day.  Hey, at least I tried.  I am not sitting in my parent’s living room wearing a visor that I am pretty sure my nephew left here.  I arrived at my parent house in a deluge of some of the heaviest rain I have seen in a long time.  Well, the hair couldn’t be saved…..

My parents are driving to Massachusetts and I am sitting with my Grandmother.  It is really kind of sad.  It seems like she is just sitting around waiting to die.  She asked me earlier if these “were my kids?”  Ummm, yeah….These are my kids, Grandma…….I mean…she is 95 but seems to be fading faster and faster all the time.  I don’t ever want to get that old.

Meanwhile,  I am still trying to figure out how to get all the movies of the babies off of my harddrive on my video camera.  I want to burn them to DVD.  So far, I haven’t had much luck.

Tomorrow, I am having an electrician (friend) come in to install the ceiling fan.  The hubby took one look at it and it was “over his head” and he didn’t want to short out the rest of the house.  Electricity has never been his strong suit.  I remember one time when we were first dating and he was talking to me on the phone while trying to wire some lights in the basement.  Well, something went buzz and he flew halfway across the basement, while I was on the phone with him.


We did go to Dorney Park and had a good time.  The kids enjoyed it.  The hubby, not so much.  He doesn’t like rides. so he spent most of the day holding the bags of stuff that we dragged around instead of paying $15 to rent a locker for 4 hours…….but I did manage to get some sun, and am sporting some tan lines for the first time this year.


We are home.  Safely.  With two sick children who managed to pick up some kind of nasty upper respiratory infection.  It landed Daniel in the Emergency room at 1:30 am on Wednesday morning.  I pulled almost a 24 hour day from leaving Fargo, flying through Chicago, getting in to Philly and then getting Daniel over to the hospital.  Not a fun time I have to tell you.

The kids are recovering.  They each still have some coughing and snotty little noses, but the worst part has been that their sleep cycle is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I was up most of the night Wednesday night, then last night, I was up 12:30 am until nearly 3am with them.  They don’t seem to know what is up or down and I am right there with them.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts and prayers for our family.  Things went a lot better than I thought they would.  We did get to see my father in law before the cremation.  We had a wake for him in Wolcott, North Dakota (which is as small as it sounds).  I got to meet the other half of my family and I love them.  For a hot minute, I tried to imagine us living there.  But then I thought of the winters, the fact that my family is all here and I have been waiting for just that.  The idea of packing up and heading out west is just not something I can wrap my brain around right now.  But it is beautiful country…and the people are so stinking nice.  I mean everybody.  I wonder how my hubby can be so cranky when he came from a place like that, filled with cheerful, laid back people.  Maybe he has been east for too long.

We saw where the residents of Fargo fought the flood of the Red River this past spring.  It was pretty neat.  We also got to walk along Broadway, which could be the main street in any town in America.

Oh, and we ate, and we drank, and we laughed…..and we brought 1/3 of the ashes home with us.  I have no clue what we are going to do with them, but since my B-I-L had no idea what he was doing when he made the arrangements, nor did he show up to see his father, or family, we came home with “dad”.

The weather was great there until Tuesday and we started to wonder if we were going to be able to fly out.  We put “dad” in the suitcase.  Well, that added several pounds to our weight and put us over United Airlines weight for bags.  We were not prepared or willing to pay $125 extra…on top of the $20 bag fee….so “dad” rode in the over head bin…..

The hubby is back to work today and we are trying very hard to get back into some kind of a routine.   I have lots of fmaily pictures, but will post them later…….

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It has just been a rough week here.  Yesterday went pretty well.  I seemed to have an unusual amount of energy and got a lot done (tons of laundry, sorting winter kid clothes, etc)….Today, not so much.  Maybe I just stayed up too late last night.  Maybe it is because we haven’t seen the sun here in days.  Maybe it is because Daniel and Melissa are running everywhere, getting into everything, climbing, screaming, hair pulling, tormenting the dogs, etc…..oh to have their energy for just one day.

My parents come home tomorrow.  I am so happy.  I am going to hit the grocery store for my mother so it is one less thing for her to worry about when they get home.  They are bringing my neice and nephew with them.  The kids will go back home in July.  Boy, I can’t wait until it is my turn to have the kids stay at Grandma and Grandpa‘s house for 2 + weeks. Imagine my sparkling clean house, the return of sanity, the idea of actually sleeping in……but alas, that is years away……  My hubby has volunteered to teach my 9 year old nephew to ride a bike.  Yeah, 9 years old……What the heck?  We are also planning on going to the Crayola factory and to the Please Touch Museum while they are visiting.  We thought about doing Sesame Place, but not at $52 per person and $15 to park…….how do I say this… thank you……I can find something else to do with $200+  not including food.

But at least my parents will be home.  I feel terrible for my Mother.  She has been sleeping (or trying to sleep rather) on a futon mattress for the last 2 weeks.  She has bursitis in her hip and now has been diagnosed with arthritis in her spine.  She is going to our favorite orthopaedist in July….(I secretly want to see the doctor…..he’s completely HOT).  We call him Dr. Mc Cutie…….that pre-dates any McSteamy or McDreamy……. So Mom will be back on vicodin for the pain.  It is yet another reason for her to really take her dieting seriously.

Well, at least I got something done today….I blogged.  Oh, and I got a shower….Oh, and I watched Animal Cops in South Africa.  Wow!  How beautiful is that place!  It is on my list of places to visit someday!  now I just need to figure out what to feed the family for supper.  It is not going to be a late night for me.  I am determined to get up tomorrow, go to the gym, doing the shopping for Mom, and try to relax with the hubs and kids.  Oh crap…………need to get father’s day cards…….crap crap crap……..I guess that means I have to get him breakfast in bed on Sunday.  Lucky me.


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The kids slept through the night.  Without a middle of the night bottle.  I am so proud of them.  And I think I know what did it.  They have full run of Grandma and Grandpa‘s house.  They are expending tons of energy.  And yesterday, They only each got a cat nap.

They are in baby jail right now, and they are “lounging”. I think they are still tired. (tee hee hee).

I spent the day at my parent’s house yesterday.  The kitchen remodeler was here.  I sure wish they would have told me that they were taking out my kitchen sinkon the first day.    have planned things a little differently.  So, I will be using plastic or paper cups since I really don’t want to wash dishes in the bathtub.  I will take the kids’ bottles to my parent’s house and run them through the dishwasher.  I also do not have any counter tops, or drawers, or doors on my cabinets.  The kitchen just looks weird…..

The hubby has decided to stay out in North Dakota until Friday.  My father in law is still hanging in there.  They had him on some kind of “CPAP” thing and had him intubated.  They took him off of that yesterday and the old man sat up out of bed.  He is just on oxygenthrough a nasal cannula right now.  He keeps stretching his arms out for hugs.  He pointed right at the hubby so at least there is some degree of recognition and appropriate response.  The doctors still don’t know what is going on.  They want to watch him for another day or two, and then they will see how he is doing.

The best part of all of this, if there is a positive, is that the hubby is seeing family that he hasn’t seen in 20 years.  He reconnecting with a family that he pretty much walked away from.  He is the only one that made it out.  Everyone else stayed.  And there is nothing wrong with that, I guess.   I just can’t imagine having the whole world out there, and staying in Fargo my entire life.  I have been blessed that I was able to travel when I was young, and then as part of a job, and on my own as a hobby.  I have been to the UK, Mexico, and Canada.  I have been to 49 of the 50 states.  I have been there and done that and I have no regrets.

But I miss my hubby.  I didn’t sleep well at all the last two nights.  I might even miss his snoring.  It is just not the same when he isn’t around.  He did call me about a dozen times yesterday….I can’t wait to pick him up at the airport and give him the biggest hug.  I feel very helpless right now when it comes to finding ways to support him.

I am hanging in there.  All the prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated.

Oh…. and here are some pictures of the kitchen so far…..


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Crowned Lily
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My kids will never get to meet their other grandfather.  He is dying.  He is comatose with very low blood pressure, and is somehow, still bleeding internally.  The home that he lived in (which is the North Dakota Soldier’s home) was administering all of him meds at the same time, rather than spacing the dosages out. When they scoped him, the found whole pills, that they could still identify.  That is what may have caused all the ulcers.  He had one good day and then was vomitting blood and became unresponsive.  He is getting blood transfusions, and is on dopamine, but there are no heroic efforts.  They are not transferring him to the “main” hospital in Fargo.

So this is the end.  Rest in Peace.

At 4 am, my father picked up my husband and drove him to the Philadelphia airport.  He had a 6:20 am flight to Minneapolis and then a puddle jumper  to Fargo.  There are NO direct flights to Fargo.

My husband doesn’t want to be there. Not even a little bit.  I just hope that he makes it to see his father alive.  His sister is picking him up at the airport and is even letting him use one of her cars, so we don’t have to spend a mint on a rental.  Believe it or not, the airport sold out of rental cars. So, Deb has been a real blessing.

The hubby just wants me there.  And I wish there was someway I could have gone.  But the kitchen remodel starts  tomorrow.  And the kids are too much for Mom and Dad to handle for 3 days.  We have to work up to that.

So I am home alone, with 2 kids, and three dogs….and I am sad.  I know that this is hurting the hubby more than he is showing.  I am sad because my kids will never meet him. I sad that I can’t be there for my hubby when he needs me. I am sad that the hubby is only spending 3 days out there.  His  father may linger.  And I know that he won’t go back for the funeral. 

Crappy monday….and I am out of coffee.


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But we got one.  The hubby’s sister called to tell us that their father may be dying. 

The home that he lives in transferred him to the local hospital because he was bleeding from the mouth.  He is now in the ICU, but they still don’t know where the bleeding is coming from.  If he is stable enough, they will scope him sometime today. 

He had been doing fine and was even chipper, according to the skilled care nurse that I spoke to this morning.  The hubby’s brother lives close by and is also  there.  I asked the hubby if he wanted to fly home, but he is afraid that this is a false alarm and he is worried about leaving me alone with the kids for several days.  I told him that I would be fine, my parents are close by now and would help out.  But he is still waiting to talk to his brother and sister.

I just feel so helpless.  I don’t know what I can do for my hubby.  I guess just pray.  I guess that is all anyone can do.  I have never had the chance to meet my father in law.  We talked about going out there this year….by out there, I mean North Dakota, but the kids are not exactly stellar travelers.  The idea of getting on 2 planes  (because there are no direct flights from Philly to Fargo)with two kids, two car seats, two suitcases, a double stroller….yeah, not such a great idea.  And driving…two full days in the car…I don’t think so.  But I know, that if it was my dad, wild horses couldn’t keep me away. 

The hubby didn’t have the closest relationship with his Dad growing up…there are still a lot of hard feelings that the hubby holds.  The last time we had a scare, the hubby broke down.  I think he is more upset that he will be the oldest family member, and in his mind, that means that he is the next to die.

So, say a prayer for my father in law, for my hubby to find peace, for me to be strong for my hubby.

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