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In lieu of the traditional sleeping in and having breakfast in bed, which is a pretty unreasonable expectation with our kids, we all got up and went over to the American Star Diner for breakfast.  We got their early and were able to walk right, sit right down, and have our breakfast in 5 minutes.  The kids were kind of behaved, although Melissa was more interested in my bacon than her pancake.  Then, the hubby and Daniel went off to Home Depot.  So Melissa and I are just relaxing now.

Yesterday, the hubby got to go to a Phillies game with a bunch of our friends. (I am not too JEALOUS about that)  So, I packed the kids up and went to Mom‘s.  She watched the kids while I borrowed my parent’s truck and drove back home.  I loaded the truck up with “stuff” for a garage sale.  The stuff consisted of tons and tons of outgrown baby clothes and odds and ends.  It felt great to clear some space from the office. One step closer to moving Daniel into the office.

I called my mom this morning to sing “Happy Mother’s Day” to her.  This is my 3rd* mothers day.  I kind o

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f count the first one since the monsters were growing in my belly for my first one in 2007.


And, I found someone on that has first row tickets to a Phillie’s game this month….so that will be my Anniversary present (yes, it will be 4 years on the 5/22….and 44 years for my mom and dad).  We are going to the City Tavern for lunch that day.  So, May is turning out to be kind of an exciting month.

The kitchen renovation start on Tuesday and I still have work to do to get everything out of there.  It is a real pain in the butt, but is going to be sooooo worth it.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.  And my thought, prayers, and many hugs to those still waiting for their own Mother’s Day.

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The kids had their 6 month check up yesterday at the pediatrician. We did not see our usual doctor but saw the doctor who had just returned from maternity leave. She also has a daughter named Melissa, so I instantly bonded with her. Nothing against our doctor, but I think I really like this one better.

The latest measurements are:
20 lbs, 10 oz (in the 90-95th percentile for full term babies)
27 1/2 inches tall (75th percentile)
17″ head circumference (25th percentile)

19 lbs, 13 oz (95th percentile)
28 1/4 inches tall (97th percentile)
17 1/2 ” head circumference (95th percentile)

They are not even being measured on the preemie charts anymore. With their adjusted age, (-8 weeks) they are ahead of the curve developmentally and we are very happy about this.

They are tired and cranky today because of their 4 shots but I don’t think that they are nearly as bad as last time.

So, tomorrow will be my first official Mother’s Day. I was pregnant with the twins last year and nearly cried when my mother and my friend Kirstin both sent me Mother’s Day cards. This year, mom sent a Mother’s Day present but mislabeled the box and sent it to my sister’s house. My sister was to forward it to me but I don’t know if she ever got around to it.

I am sure that hubby will make me breakfast in bed or something like that. I told him that all I wanted was 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It really is the simple things in life that make me happy.

I am trying to go through the closets and divest of some of the tons of clothing that I have somehow acquired. I literally have an entire wardrobe of maternity clothing that I will never ever use again. We talked about maybe doing an FET, but he thinks two is enough and that if we tried for just one more, we would end up like Jon and Kate plus Eight. We still have 8 frozen in the lab in NJ. We are paying for storage and really need to make a decision on what we are going to do with them.

My neighbor and I usually have a garage sale in the summer so maybe I will just hold on to the stuff and sell it for a buck a piece or something like that. Or I will end up baggin it and dropping it off at the thrift store….