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Minute Pasta (Pastina, used for soups)
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Did I mention that for the second time in a year, I found worms in my San Giorgio pasta.   It was their elbow macaroni.  Yes, worms.  They look like little tiny mealworms but apparently they are  weevils. And I love my carbs as much as the next girl, no way am I eating that pasta.  I called New World Pasta for a second time to complain because I had actually purchased this box with coupons that they sent me the last time.  They offered to send more coupons, but I think I am sticking to Barilla pastas in the future.  I am just a little too grossed out……

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Wii Fit
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I got 14….count them….14 hours sleep last night.  Talk about feeling refreshed.  My wonderful hubby stayed up with the kids and I got to go to bed at 5:30pm.  It was fabulous!  He even cleaned up the living room

The kids slept all night, and got up arounf 7 or so.  To thank the huuby, who is at work today, I loaded up the kids and ran through Dunkin’ Donuts and picked up 2 dozen donuts for the crew.  I think they really appreciated it.  It is a long hot day for them, and nothing works like sugar to keep you going.  I behaved…I only ate the chocolate one….well, me and Melissa shared the chocolate one.

I did almost 40 minutes of Wii fit this morning….including running, which I am not that fond of, but did okay.  I mean, my thought was always, why would you run when you can drive? 

It’s a darn good day so far……………….

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New coffee maker
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you know, when your kids get up a bunch of times in the middle of the night….or when all you want is a nice,steaming hot cup of coffee…and you are so sleep deprived that you forget to push the coffee carafe all the way under the coffee maker and you get nice, steaming hot coffee and coffee grounds all over the counters and tile floors. I have another huge mess to clean up, and no coffee to motivate me.

Yup, that’s me. That is where I am right now….

Maybe it is because I stayed up too late watching House and “24”.  Anyone else a House watcher?  OMG!  What a shock!  I am a huge fan of House but only recently started watching “24”.  I am still trying to figure out how I didn’t watch that show before…it’s great!


Dinner with Mom and Dad was great.  Dad took some great pictures of messy goulash faces…the kids loved it!  I put a coat of paint on the doors, and will go and put another coat of paint today and the hubby will hang the doors on Wednesday.

I am going to really try to get over to the gym this morning.  I need to, I want to.  I have to just make it happen.


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But…thanks to Melissa and the hubby getting up for work, I am awake.  The kids are just awful over night.  Nothing seems to work.  And I’m sorry, I cannot just let them scream.  They share a room.  If one is screaming, so is the other one.

So, last night, I went to get my hair trimmed.  Nothing drastic or spectacular.  I just had the girl add some more layers so that when I blow it out straight, I can do the little flip thing.  She dried it and straightened it and I was off to cos.tco to get a box of diapers for the kids.  I stopped and picked up supper (cheesesteak…not the healthiest option) and came home.  It was bath nite for the kids.  Well, once again, Hubby starts in on the working thing.  He also decided that my haircut made me look like a barfly…whatever that means.  Every week, same argument.  This is getting old.

My father called yesterday…. they are closing on their house on Friday of this week.  That is a whole week earlier than was planned.  They will drive across the state (7 hours) to do the closing and then return on Saturday.  Next week, they will drive across for the kids’ birthday party.  It is madness. 

We were supposed to have the family party on their actual birthday (October 16) but since we have taken down the dining room table and replaced it with baby jail, I am not sure if we wouldn’t do better to do their party at Chucky Cheese or something.  There is no where to sit to even eat cake in our house right now.  The other party we are having is in a large room with plenty of space, but Mom and Dad may not necessarily enjoy the other guests drinking (Mom and Dad = ordained ministers with Salvation Army).

So, we shall see.

The kids have settled, so I may crawl back in bed for a few minutes….