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I have been defriended for good. I am half tempted to just say screw off to Facebook.   Oh, and if my life weren’t crappy enough, Daniel started vomiting french fries all over us at midnight.  Yeah, not so fun….

three sheet changes, 4 pajama changes ( 2 for him and 2 for me) and the hubby is home if Melissa decided to join in the fun.  Well, so far, Melissa is fine.  But I have a hubby and son who were up ALL NIGHT LONG.  Can you say messed up circadian rhythm?

I am a mess emotionally.  I don’t want to do anything but curl up in a ball and die.  Having toddlers, well, I can curl up but someone will come over and mimick me….(Melissa aka Mini-Me).

She was playing “hair styling” last night……. don’t laugh too hard at the pictures.  I am pretty sure that she is not Sweeney Todd incarnate.

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So, I decided to call the embryo adoption facilitator today to just check in and see what was going on witht he status of the adoptive couple and the frosties.  If you remember, I had to run and get a ton of blood work done to suit the specifics that their lab required.  I had to do this with the twins in tow.  The couple did reimburse me for the blood work and they were essentially all set to take possession of the frosties in April or May.  So, here it is in June and I have heard nothing.

Well, as it turn out…they tried “something different”.  And they are pregnant.  Good for them.  But, the original agreement was that they were going to pay for the storage costs of the frosties.  Now, they want to keep us “on the back burner” in case this pregnancy fails.  We have been paying $125 per quarter since 4/07.  This does add up and we were going to just pay off the credit card that the storage is being billed to.  But, it is really going to be up to these folks if they decided to honor their original agreement.

It also leaves us with frosties again and the search for another family.

I want to be happy for them.  I really do.  But at the same time, I am miffed.  They were all about our frosties.  And then poof!  I am not sure what I am supposed to be feeling.  Our second choice family is pregnant too.

At least the facilitator is on our side.  She has sentthe email requesting that they abide by their original agreement.


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Has anyone heard about any kind of correlation between prematurity and allergies? 

I just got a call from our pediatrician regarding Daniel’s allergy testing.   After a lot of thought, we decided to just run a food allergy panel rather than doing the skin testing torture.  Well, he showed a positive allergy for egg whites (which are in just about everything), an allergy to peanuts (oh great….no candy bars, no uncrustables, no good ice cream…and I am the biggest fan of peanut butter in the world), and dog dander (and yes…we have 3 fur babies!).

So, it is off to the pediatric allergist, who I am sure is not going to make me feel any better about all of this.  I think most allergist are full of it.  I got tested when I was a teenager and I am supposedly allergic to E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!! (Dogs, cats, milk, orange juice, grass, trees, water, air…..blah-de-blah-de-friggin bah!)  I have no symptoms….ever.  I occasionally get bronchitis….like once a year…maybe….

I am just so not looking forward to being “that mom”, running around reading every label, epi-pen in hand, just waiting for something bad to happen to Daniel.  Or even worse, the thought of having to…I can’t even type it…not have our dogs anymore…..I feel like I have been kicked in the chest.  This just really sucks. 

So I have to call to make the dreaded appointment where they will torture my precious little man. 

Give me strength!!!

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Yeah, so there is a nice thick coating of ice on the snow that we got the other night.  When I put Jake, Sasha and Katie Bug out this morning for their morning consitutional, they had a hard time keeping their footing whilst trying to “go”.  It was comical and I should have filmed it, but alas, the battery in the old video camera had died.

So, after my parents left last night, another fight ensued.  I have had a couple of days where I have been a little more moody and since I don’t really have a stress outlet, everything kind of bubbles to the surface and I explode.  The hubby started and it got ugly.  I asked him, in front of my parents, about the gym membership.  He told me that he would stop on his way home from work and get me one.  He said it in such a condescending way I was really ready to just smack him.  I don’t need or wan t him to get it for me, I need and want him to support me in making a healthy lifestyle change.  The neighbors heard him yelling and she was tempted to call my mother and tell her to come back over and listen trhough the wall at the horrible things that the hubby was saying.  I took my “relax” pill and went to bed.

The kids were up a couple times in the night and then they were both up at 4 am.  The hubby got up and was changing Daniel and I went down and made two more bottles.  When he got to Melissa, she started to unzip her pajamas for him.  It was pretty cute.

They went back to sleep but the hubby decided to continue our “conversation” about the gym membership.  He grilled me about who I knew that worked out there (I couldn’t tell you, because I have never been there) and if there was something going on that he wasn’t aware of.  Yes, all this at 4 am.  Talk about the wrong time to talk.

I went back to sleep and when I got the kids up at 8, Melissa has removed her leg from her pajamas and also her diaper just to make things interesting for me.  This is going to be a great day, I can just tell.

My parents leave tomorrow (:-(…and I am very sad about that.  I know they will be back in a couple weeks and then down here for good in a few months but I really miss them and have loved the help they have given me with the babies this week.  Dad brought his new Dslr camera and I got a few cute shots of the kids….

Next time I have a cell phone, I am going to make sure that I put everyone’s numbers somewhere else besides my phone.  As I am writing this, my cell phone is drying out.  Yes, it got wet.  It got very wet.  It went through a complete wash cycle.  And it is dead.  Dead beyond dead.  I am hoping that if it dries out I MIGHT be able to get some of the numbers off it.  I am sure all the pictures and videos are gone, which really sucks.  There were pictures of the kids in the NICU, one in particular of Melissa when she was on CPAP.  She was flipping the bird.  I loved that picture.

That’s what I get for doing laundry.

Our contract is up in April and one of our phones was eligible for upgrade in December, so I guess you can figure out which one of us will be getting a new phone.  When I told the hubby what happened, he told me that I did it on purpose.  Yeah.  I would have taken all the numbers out first!

We are expecting more winter weather here today and are in a Winter Storm Warning until tomorrow morning.  Oh joy!  Just what I want, 3 inches of ice!

but not so much has changed around here.  I was in bed and asleep by 9 pm New Year’s Eve…woke up at 1:27 am to Daniel crying.  Happy New Year to me.  Both kids have snotty noses and a little cough.  I am sure this was a gift from their cousins who visited last weekend.

Yesterday was a really dull one too.  The hubby did get me red rose and a white rose and a thank you card from him and the kids for “being such a good Mommy in 2008”.  It’s not like I really had a choice…I am in the house all day, everyday with them.  I am not “allowed” to work.  I am not “allowed” to go out with my friends. Grrrrr…. I know, I’m venting.

Daniel and Melissa have both figured out how to climb the stairs.  This means my life is now doing to be significantly more difficult.  Also, Daniel can “run” across the living room.  Mind you, he crashes into what ever happens to be on the other side but it is kind of cute to see such a little person stumbling (drunk….like his Mama).  He gets his unique sense of balance from me…….hey who moved the floor?

I am kind of on the wagon, as far as alcohol is concerned.  I did have a glass of Pinot Grigio on New Years and a Vodka and OJ last night.  But that is it…….I am trying to be good.  I kind of scared  myself the other week because I couldn’t remember what the heck I did, how I got up to bed, not good…..Apparently, you are not supposed to drink two bottles of wine on your own.  Thank goodness the hubby is good at getting my drunk butt in bed.  Maybe if I was allowed to go out once in a while, I wouldn’t feel the need to overdo my alcohol consumption.  I mean, who wants to make an ass of themselves in public….at home, in front of your hubby…no big whoop. But in public…….well, that is a different animal altogether.

I think I am going to attempt to get a nap.  There is so much I could be doing but I am just wiped…..


Happy New Year, Everyone!!!