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In lieu of the traditional sleeping in and having breakfast in bed, which is a pretty unreasonable expectation with our kids, we all got up and went over to the American Star Diner for breakfast.  We got their early and were able to walk right, sit right down, and have our breakfast in 5 minutes.  The kids were kind of behaved, although Melissa was more interested in my bacon than her pancake.  Then, the hubby and Daniel went off to Home Depot.  So Melissa and I are just relaxing now.

Yesterday, the hubby got to go to a Phillies game with a bunch of our friends. (I am not too JEALOUS about that)  So, I packed the kids up and went to Mom‘s.  She watched the kids while I borrowed my parent’s truck and drove back home.  I loaded the truck up with “stuff” for a garage sale.  The stuff consisted of tons and tons of outgrown baby clothes and odds and ends.  It felt great to clear some space from the office. One step closer to moving Daniel into the office.

I called my mom this morning to sing “Happy Mother’s Day” to her.  This is my 3rd* mothers day.  I kind o

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f count the first one since the monsters were growing in my belly for my first one in 2007.


And, I found someone on that has first row tickets to a Phillie’s game this month….so that will be my Anniversary present (yes, it will be 4 years on the 5/22….and 44 years for my mom and dad).  We are going to the City Tavern for lunch that day.  So, May is turning out to be kind of an exciting month.

The kitchen renovation start on Tuesday and I still have work to do to get everything out of there.  It is a real pain in the butt, but is going to be sooooo worth it.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.  And my thought, prayers, and many hugs to those still waiting for their own Mother’s Day.

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So we survived 18 months…..

We didn’t end up doing dinner with Mom and Dad since the kids ended up getting 3 shots at the pediatrician.  Daniel is 30 lbs and Melissa is 27 lbs.  Melissa is 34 1/4″ and Daniel is 34 1/2″ tall.  Melissa is maintaining her 97th + percentile for her height.  What can I say….maybe she will get a basketball scholarship.

Today, I am going to venture to home depot to buy wood for the front garden. We bought a red hydrangea and blue Nikko hydrangeaplants and are giving up on our sickly roses in the front yard.  So, I will drop the kids off with Mom, borrow Dad and off to home depot I will go.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and I really can hardly wait to get the kids out to the park or at least for a nice long walk.  And my sister will be here this weekend…yee ha!

It was a rough night for Melissa overnight.  I think her teethwere really bugging her, so (bad mommy), I brought her in bed with us.  She was really restless and so I am a little tired this morning.  Thank God for good coffee.  I really can’t wait for the teething to be done…..really….enough already!



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Yeah, it’s crappy out again. Booooo!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have another blog that  started…..Veggietale

It is all about our experience as first time vegetable gardeners…..I have uploaded some pictures of what we did yesterday.  Yes, I will admit it…I was wrong….the hubby did not spend the day on the couch.  He got up, went to work, came home, and then we were off and running.  We drove down to Mom and Dad‘s house to borrow their expedition and then we were off to home depot.  Everything was less than $200, which made me very happy.  I mean, if it cost more than that, I would just buy my vegetables…..forget growing them.

The kids were up twice in the night again.  I know…it’s getting old fast.  Hubby got up once and I got up once. 

I ju

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st don’t get it.  They are down for a nap right now and I am going to let them sleep as long as I can because we will be at Mom and Dad’s tonight, painting doors and staying for a gourmet meal, goulash!  I can’t tell you the last time I had my Mom’s goulash….


My sister and her family are coming down from Springfield, Massachusetts for Easter.  I am kind of excited because my family rarely gets together anymore.  They were here a  few months back, but the kids weren’t walking yet.  My neice and nephew are going tohave so much fun with their cousins.  We get to see them twice this month, since we will be travelling to Ashford, Connecticut in a couple weeks for Mom and Dad’s “Official Retirement” ceremony.  5 hours in the car….not fun…



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Well, yesterday was just peachy.  I got a ton of stuff accomplished outside of the house, although the inside of the house looks like a FEMA response area.

We (me and the monsters) got up and went to home depot….we got a new ceiling fan for mom and dad’s bedroom as the existing fan is just about the biggest fire hazard in the world.  So…from there, we made the 12 mile drive and dropped the fan off at the house.

I must have been feeling very brave or something….but we went to super wal.mart.  I loaded the kids in to one cart, which I never do and went in to the foyer.  The only “double cart” they had not only was missing a strap, it had a broke connector on the waist band too.  So, being the B*ITCH that I am, I complained to the store manager.  I advised that IF my child fell out of the seat and got hurt, I would sue the crap of of walmart and her, since I had brought the poor conditions of the cart to her attention.  She advised that they had “ordered” new straps and that they should be arriving any time.  Apparently, they do safety audits (cough cough bull*hit)…… Anyway, I got to vent and chew up at 20 some year old manager…which my hubby knows is my favorite thing to do.

I was the Queen of Retail…..I was a Manager.  If you can handle me, you can handle everything.  Because if the mood strikes I will pick you, your product, your service, your food, your attitude, your family, and your car apart.  I am the kind of person that can find a regional manager’s home phone number and call them in the middle of the night to tell him all about what a horrible experience I had in your store and how I may be left with nothing to do but contact the media.

Yeah….I’m a B*ITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

So, After we got home, the kids went down for a nap…and shhhhh….don’t tell… did I.

I had my first live yoga class last night.  I was the youngest person there by at least 15 years.  It wasn’t as advanced as I thought it would be and I realized that I am more flexible than most people.  How cool is that??? So I have 4 more Friday Night dates with the yoga gang,  There was a lot of breathing and meditation but I would have liked more stretching…..oh well….that is what Namaste Yoga is for…I did feel great when I got home.

I want to try to get to the gym today and also over to Trader Joes…..they lave langostino lobsters on sale…..Yummmo!