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it is in the worst of times that we discover who our real friends really are.  Look around you, ask yourself, are these people really my friends?  Or are they friendly to me when it suits them or they need something from me?  This week has taught me that I was living under a false assumption that some people around me were not up to my standard of being called a real friend.  They are the ones who are the first to believe any BS they hear about you without even having the common courtesy to ask you to your face (or even pop you a text message) asking if it is true or not.  I am not a perfect person…not by a long shot.  But when I mess up, I own up to it.  I do not shirk away from the consequences.  My mistakes are the only thing that are really and truly mine alone.  And even when I mess up, I try very hard, not to lose the lesson.  Life is too short to allow people who are only in it for themselves to have free rent in my life.  I am done with them.  At the end of the day, I have to look at ME in the mirror and answer to God….not to them.  I know that I am speaking in very generalized terms here and that is because some people in real life may be offended if I actually got specific.  And I do not want to rock the boat or be the cause of ANYMORE drama around here.

Maybe I set my ideals for what a friendship is too high?  And if I am at fault for that, I can live with it.  Standards….it all about the standards…..even the double standards.

A recent comment was made on here….if you missed it….

Stay strong, we are all human and make mistakes; true friends stick around when the road gets bumpy to help you through it, usually they don’t cause the bumps.  Remember as one door closes a new door with a new opportunity opens.  Just as CAT says “there are greater ones out there to find.”
To my real friends, thank you.  And to the others…..I kind of like this take on it….

Don’t Badmouth
If you and your friend have had a falling out, you may want to “tell your side of the story” to the people she knows. But take the high road for your own sanity and for her dignity. If she has done something terrible, it’s okay to admit that to someone close to you, but don’t go on and on to mutual friends. It will only make you feel worse, and make you look bad besides.

Let Go of the “If”
Often a friendship ends over a specific reason. Such as: she didn’t support your choice of husband, she stole your boyfriend, she was a drama queen, or the two of you simply grew apart. Rather than rehash every past moment and argument, realize that for whatever reason the two of you just can’t be friends right now. Don’t analyze yourself (or her) to the point of making yourself crazy. Sometimes relationships change and end. It’s not fun, but it does happen. Some people are meant to be in your life for a short time. Appreciate the lessons you learned from this person and then silently wish them the best as you move on with your life.

Forgive Your Friend
Sometimes a friend doesn’t have to do anything that terrible, but the fact that you’re no longer pals may make you very upset. Harboring negative feelings about someone who isn’t even in your life anymore is useless. Rather, think of them in a positive light. They may not be in your life anymore, but wish them the best, even if you have to do it silently to yourself. Then put them out of your mind. Forgiving them in this manner will free you up to meet new friendships which may be even better than the last.

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Yes, I am still alive.  No, I didn’t take the job.  yes, I am completely obsessed with my wii.  I am the worst blogger ever.

I think about bloggin but am so caught up in what the kids are doing that I never seem to find the time anymore.  I meanm I have to watch the kids like a hawk….they get into EVERYTHING!

The summer flew by, We are into fall…..I love the fall, but it makes it difficult to get the kids outside to let them burn off some energy.  Also, our backyard is a huge mess thanks to my mother driving into our shed.  The hubby and a coouple of halpers tore the shed apart this past weekend and yesterday I paid $450 for someone to haul the debris away.  I only feel alittle ripped off.  We are having another shed built and it should be deivered in the next two weeks.

Rhe kids are good.  Melissa is a chatterbox.  Daniel is vocalizing and occasionally says a word that I can understand.  They are still not the best sleepers……..(am I ever going to get any sleep?).

They are good kids.  They are funny.  Such distinct personalities….but beware of the monkey see monkey do thing.

We also started the potty training thing with Melissa.  She peed in the regular potty once for us……but has yet to go on her pink throne.

I am going to try to write more regularly.  I have lost 15 lbs since the 1st of August (my 35th b-day) and now feel better if I skip a day of training.

I don’t know who is still reading out there….but I am here….I am back….

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So, I sought out a job.  I interviewed and was hired on the spot.  It isn’t much.  Working in the mailroom at a famous catalog company that sells a lot of “As Seen On TV” stuff.  It is temporary.  It is part time.  My mother has agreed to watch the kids during the four hours I work Monday through Friday.

So, why am I not excited?  Why do I want to call them and decline their offer (the day before I start)?  Why am I doubting my abilities?  Why am I convinced that something bad will happen?

I have asked friends (via facebook, of course) what they think and everyone is telling me to give it a try.

But I feel like I have so much on my plate now.

I am on a new medication on top of the pro.zac and we still don’t know how that is going to work.  I am having good and “very” bad days.  The kids are full on crazy most of the time.  My house is like a 25 lb bag stuffed with 50 lbs of crap….and I am still giving stuff away on (including 2 double strollers this week alone).

Maybe it is because I have been out of work for more than two years.  Maybe it is that I just needed to know that I “could” get a job.

I am so confused and don’t know what my next move should be.  Do I have what it takes to work again and still try to raise my babies, keep my house clean, cook for all of us and keep my husband happy?

Any thoughts?  Anyone still reading?  I know, I am the worst blogger ever……

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I know that I have been too quiet.  Things around here are just too much for me to handle some days.  The babies are in their “we refuse to be restrained” phase, and are pretty much kicking my butt.  The hubby took yesterday off to give me a little bit of a break.  I really didn’t get one, but it was a nice gesture on his part.

I had a few days where my depression got the best of me.  I hate feeling like that.  It was 48 full, long hours of me in self-loathing, worst mother and person in the world, feeling like I was going to burst in to tears at any moment kind of a thing.  And I didn’t go off my meds or anything.  It just creeped up on me and felt so dark.  And then I woke up, and felt like I could deal with life again.  It has to be hormonal….I don’t know if there is any other way to explain it.

Our garden is pretty much shot.  We have had so much rain that the slugs…ewwwwww….took over and pretty much ate everything.  I got a dew radishes, and a few peas, but the cucumbers, cauliflower, onions, peppers and cilantro are gone.  We might try again.  I don’t know.  I just hate slugs more than anything in the world.  The slugs won!

My parents are back home on Saturday.  That means at least I can have someone to talk to other than the hubby.  It also means that I can drop the kids off for an hour or two and have some me time.  I know, that sounds selfish, but really, the last week and a half without having my parents around has been so difficult.  I didn’t realize how much they really do help me out with the twins.

We were hoping to have a date night this week, but that isn’t going to happen.  Our sitter is busy and I will not make my parents watch the kids after being in the car for 7+ hours.  So, it, like many things in my life, will have to wait.

I guess the only real bright spot is that we have found a home for the frosties.  The family is “ready to go” and maybe everything that happened was for a reason.  I was really upset about the other family.  But this family, well, it seems that all of the stars have aligned.  Oh, and her name is the same as my sister’s…just spelled differently.  Is that weird or what?  My sister’s name is not at all common.

I have a metric ton of laundry to put away while the kids are taking their nap.  I just wanted to let anyone who is still reading know that I am alive and still somehow, by the grace of God, keeping my head above water.

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In lieu of the traditional sleeping in and having breakfast in bed, which is a pretty unreasonable expectation with our kids, we all got up and went over to the American Star Diner for breakfast.  We got their early and were able to walk right, sit right down, and have our breakfast in 5 minutes.  The kids were kind of behaved, although Melissa was more interested in my bacon than her pancake.  Then, the hubby and Daniel went off to Home Depot.  So Melissa and I are just relaxing now.

Yesterday, the hubby got to go to a Phillies game with a bunch of our friends. (I am not too JEALOUS about that)  So, I packed the kids up and went to Mom‘s.  She watched the kids while I borrowed my parent’s truck and drove back home.  I loaded the truck up with “stuff” for a garage sale.  The stuff consisted of tons and tons of outgrown baby clothes and odds and ends.  It felt great to clear some space from the office. One step closer to moving Daniel into the office.

I called my mom this morning to sing “Happy Mother’s Day” to her.  This is my 3rd* mothers day.  I kind o

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f count the first one since the monsters were growing in my belly for my first one in 2007.


And, I found someone on that has first row tickets to a Phillie’s game this month….so that will be my Anniversary present (yes, it will be 4 years on the 5/22….and 44 years for my mom and dad).  We are going to the City Tavern for lunch that day.  So, May is turning out to be kind of an exciting month.

The kitchen renovation start on Tuesday and I still have work to do to get everything out of there.  It is a real pain in the butt, but is going to be sooooo worth it.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.  And my thought, prayers, and many hugs to those still waiting for their own Mother’s Day.

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So despite the weather, the same weather we have had for the last 5 days, we didn’t get much done around the house this weekend.  Yesterday was a miserable day, Daniel and Melissa were both really fussy, the hubby and I were more tired than usual (not sure why) and it was just a generally sucky day. Neither of us felt like doing anything at all.  And of course, there was NOTHING to watch on tv.

The kids went to bed at 6 last night and slept straight through until the hubby got up at 4:30 am for work.  I gave them a little bottle and they slept until 8 am.  So, I actually got some sleep for a change.  I just wish the weather would do something other than be rainy, cool and grey.  It is killing me.  It is killing my motivation to get stuff done.

We are a week away from the new kitchen.  I have a lot of work.  I have to empty all the cupboards and drawers.  I am not sure where I am going to store everything….the basement I guess.  Mom and Dad are going to sit with the kids on Thursday so I can finally get the office complete.  And to top it off, we are supposed to go to the Poconos this weekend.  Well, it is just for Saturday.  But if the weather is crappy, like it is now, I am NOT driving 2+ hours up there.  The summer camp that I practically grew up at, Camp Ladore is having a dedication for their new Rec Hall.  It would be a chance for me to see old friends but not at the expense of my sanity.

Not too sure what the day will hold for us.  More laundry, more cleaning, more laying in the middle of baby jail, reading to the kids.  By the way, they are both in love with BOOKS.  They want to sit on your lap and have you read the same book over and over and over.  When I told my mother, she just laughed as she reminded me that I used to do the same thing when I was young.  It was Cinderella. Over and over and over and over.  So the apples are not falling far from the tree…….


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So much for a nice family Easter.  My sister, BIL, niece and nephew are not going to come down for Easter. My niece has a stomach bug, my nephew has strep.  Maybe it is all for the better……

Still, it would have been nice.

And I guess there will be a lot of ham in our future.  Yesterday, I went grocery shopping with the kids (and by the way, they were *PERFECT* in the double cart that has the little steering wheels.) and Mom had asked me to buy a bigger ham.  She had a 3.5 lb ham and didn’t think it was going to be big enough….so I got an 8 lb ham.  So now….11.5 lbs of ham later… will just be the 4 of us and the 3 of them (Mom, Dad and Grandma).

And….Dad has to cover for the minister for services on Sunday.  So he has to do a sunrise service and then a regular service.  The regular minister had a family emergency.  So, it is further evidence that God puts you where you are supposed to be.  I love my Dad…I am not, however, the biggest fan of his long-winded sermons.  Maybe it was because I was the subject of too many of them….(what not to do!)

In other news….we kind of tried the CIOmethod on Daniel last night.  He woke up and wanted to be picked up.  Ijust rubbed his back, he screamed and cried….nothing wrong….just wanted to be picked up and put in bed with us.  So, we let him “Cry It Out”.  He cried for about 20 minutes…I am not sure….I went back to sleep.  He is pretty tired this morning and is being a little fussy…so I will wait until tonight to go to the gym.

The hubby also cut the grass for the first time yesterday when he got home from work.  He always uses the blower at the end to clean up.  Well, I had put the 3 containers of vegetable seedlings out since it was warm and sunny.  Somehow….one container got flipped over, and somehow, the offending party tried cover the fact that the container had been flipped over by putting the spilled seedlings in the wrong spots……..hmmmmm… do you suppose that happened?  I am not accusing my hubby…..but it is an odd coincidence…..being that he had a blower AND was in the vicinity of the incident….. 


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