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to exclude “negative” influences in my life (both in real life and online…i.e.facebook)

If I want to be stabbed in the back, I will mount a knife to a door and back into it myself.  I certainly don’t need so-called “friends” lining up to do it.

So I have “blocked” negative influences and I feel better about it.  Several of them know about my blog and if they decide that it is still any of their business to read this, that is on them.  If they are that desperate for rumor fodder….I will just pray for them.  I live in a small town and there is no real practical way to escape from all the small town “bitty hens”.

Sorry, I did not intend for this post to come across as being so negative…..

I must be in one of my moods……

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Daniel is working on his first tooth and Melissa is not far behind him. We have been trying to give Daniel a bit more tummy time as his flat head has not seemed to resolve itself like the pediatriacian had said.

We had them at the doctor’s office on Tuesday and hopefully got their last RSV vaccine. I really don’t think that we will do the whole Synagist vaccine next year. The kids are home all the time and not around other kids at all. I really don’t think that they will be “at risk” next year.

Daniel is up to 18 lbs 13 oz and Melissa is 17 lbs 13 oz. He has her beat by a whole pound. I can’t get over how big they are getting.

They will be 6 months old on Wednesday!!!

Where has the time gone?

We also decided to buy a new stroller for the March for Babies on the 27th. I went over to Babies R Us and looked at the Kolcraft one but it seemed so huge. I am not sure that it would fit in the trunk of either of the cars. So, I ended up buying a Graco online at walmart. I hate to do that sight unseen but….hopefully I won’t get burned.

If the weather is nice for the March for Babies, I really want to try to push the kids for the 5 miles. the Baby Trend that we have now is so heavy and cumbersome with the carseats.

Mom and Dad come back from the West Coast tomorrow so I will journey to the airport to pick them up. Daddy will get an extra “daddy duty” this week.