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The trip to the gym was great!  The kids did great…except for Melissa bonking Daniel in the head with a toy.  But that is kind of par for the course.

Yoga last night was great too.  I felt great when I got home.  The hubby had fed and bathed and bedded the kids.  Wow!  What a great surprise!

This morning, I got up and went to a Mommy Market and the hubby got the kids up and fed and changed them and was playing with them when I got home.

Since the weather is so nice, we are planning on taking the kids on a walk over to the park a little later and then out to eat at, where kids under 2 eat free…..(tee hee hee…if it’s free….it’s for me!)

Everyone is napping right now, the hubby is enjoying his rare Saturday off but sawing logs on the couch.  I think I may try to catch a few winks myself.

I am, for the first time in a while, feeling rather contented.  Maybe it’s the yoga, maybe it’s the endorphins, maybe it is the fact that it is in the 60’s here…..who knows….and I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  By the way, who came up with that little gem?  What is “a gift horse” and why exactly shouldn’t I look in it’s mouth?  Someone tell me please!!!


a week has passed since I actually posted on here.  It has just been a really rough week or so.  It is the same fight over and over and over and I am so tired of the fighting.  He still can’t “trust me”.  Everything I do makes him suspicious.

Last Monday, all the of the appliances were delivered to mom and dad’s house as well as carpeting.  I took the kids out to the house and mom, dad, and my aunt agreed to watch the kids so I could go to the gym.  It gave me a few minutes to myself and gave them some time with the grandkids/great niece and nephew.  They didn’t mind at all.  The problem was that the hubby thought I just dumped the kids off.  I tried to explain, but he just couldn’t get it.  This may be an ongoing problem especially when I go back to school……my parents will be right down the road in a month….I will utilize their free babysitting services…….they love their grandtwins… with it…….

So after my workout, I came back and we decided that we would go out to dinner.  So, when the hubby was done with work, her came out and we all loaded up and went to dinner.  The kids were “so-so” as far as their behavior went.  The hubby kept on feeding them and giving them bottle after bottle.  The kids were ready to burst!!!!  I was getting really annoyed.  They are kids, they are going to make noise.  It is not necessary to keep their mouths full at all times.

So, after supper, we headed back to mom and dad’s house.   The hubby stayed on a few minutes to help dad carry some trash to the curb.  I headed home.  I decided that because of traffic, I would take an alternate route.  It was a few more miles but nothing that should take too long.  Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!!  I got home, carried one kid in, then carried the other back in, then got them undressed and changed and bottled…..the hubby got home and did what he usually does….cracks a beer….the first of a few….

The argument starts….over the fact that I went home a different way than I usually do……yup…….

The screaming started, I screamed right back, the neighbors got concerned……and called the police.

yeah, so at 9:30 pm, the cops were at my house.  And it was weird because at that point, we had gotten quiet.

The kids slept through the whole thing.  No one was hauled away.

So, I have gone out of my way all week to walk on eggshells and keep things quiet.

We need counseling.  We need to learn to communicate.  He needs to learn to trust me again.  A marriage without trust and communication CANNOT survive.

So, I am sorry that I have been quiet this week.  I am okay.  I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Yeah, so I neglected to mention that I bought shoes for the monsters yesterday.  Size 5 shoes.  Giant shoes.

Daniel has these square, wide, brick shaped, Fred Flint-stone feet.  So, he ended up with these navy blue (bo-bo’s…sorry, not spending a ton of money on shoes for the kids…no freakin’ way…$10 is the limit!!!) sneakers with 2 Velcro straps.  Daniel always stands on his toes and I really need him to stop doing that…It just looks like it hurts.  So I put them on him while he was in the jumper and he managed to get one of them off.  He then proceeded to jump on the unshod foot.  And screamed.  He now knows that it hurts.  Some lessons, Mommy has to let the little man learn on his own.

Melissa ended up with little white high top boots.  She loves them.  She is “practicing” walking with help.  I am a little concerned about her feet as well as it seems she is turning her feet inwards.  I was a pigeon toed kid and they ended up putting this device on me with a bar across it to “straighten” my feet out.  To this day, I blame that thing on my multiple knee and ankle issues (and I am sure that all the sports I played had something to do with it).

My parents and 94 year old grandmother are currently on their way here.  They are house hunting over the next few days for their retirement home.  This should be an adventure…

The kids had me up a bunch of times in the night.  But I wasn’t really sleeping.  I made the mistake of watching “Ins.ide the Tow.ers” on D.iscovery channel.  That is not something to go to sleep to.  So, I eventually shut it off and put the old ipod on.  That didn’t work either.  By 3 am, when I was up with Melissa, I just decided to go down on the couch and watch TV.  I couldn’t very well vacuum or anything.  I suppose I could have done laundry, but that is hard in the dark too.  So, I watched TV.  Hubby got up and ready and was out the door to work.  He called a few minutes ago and is not sure hwat time he will be getting home tonight.  Funny how “crazy things are” at work whenever my family is around.  They should be arriving at supper time so I have taken a nice roast out and will “attempt” to make dinner for everyone.  That is going to be up to the kids…..