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you gotta check it out…….only 2 days left…..



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You know you want to…’s a freebie!  It’s a giveaway….

it requires very little effort or strain……..

Come On…only 5 days left to enter the Sweet & Sassy

February Giveaway……courtesy of Great Cakes Soap Works…..

Just go over to Great Cakes Soap Works and check out all the great stuff Amy has.

Then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which stuff you like.

It’s that  S I M P L E!!!! The winner gets a bar of her Sweet & Sassy soap, a soap and lip butter of their own choosing!!!!

And remember that this is all handmade, all natural good stuff.

I just adore all the products that I have from Great Cakes Soap Works….

I have the Vanilla Hazelnut Shea Butter, the whipped shea butter, the jojoba shea lotion, and 2 lip butters,

PLUS….I also use her Skin Glow facial moisturizer (and it is as good…if not better…than Philosophy “Hope In A Jar” or the L’Occitane stuff).

If you want….you can get extra chances to win by

1) Following me on twitter……amama2twins

2) Following Great Cakes Soap Works on twitter

3) Follow Amy on her Great Cakes Soap Works Blog

4) Subscribe to my blog……

The contest only runs until February 10th………and the winner will be chosen at random.

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 psssstttt……spread the word……. it’s giveaway time again!!!

So…now you are asking yourself

“How can I get in on this giveaway?”

Well…it’s simple!

Head on over to Amy’s website and check out her great products…

(And if you become a preferred customer…you get a voucher coupon for $5 off your first order)

Come back here and comment on your favorite product….

The lucky winner will receive:

A bar of Sweet & Sassy All Natural Handmade Soap


Gorgeous pink and black soap, with textured, sparkly pink top!  The scent is sweet, with a background of sandalwood, carmelized sugar and vanilla, yet top notes consist of lime, orange and pink pepper (whatever that is!) with jasmine and violet as well. Bottom line: it’s very feminine and wonderful!!



Another soap of your choice….

These fabulous soap cakes are made with vegetable oils & butters and scented with high quality fragrance or essential oils.  They are formulated to last longer than a regular bar of soap if they are allowed to dry between uses.  Use a nylon shower scrubbie to create lots of bubbles!


A Lip Butter of your choice

Are you “addicted” to your current lip balm?  Does it leave your lips parched, asking for more moisture?  Try our Lip Butter – it melts on your lips, not in your pocket – leaving them hydrated and happy.  Petroleum free.


For extra chances to win…you can

*****Follow Amy on Twitter

*****Follow Amy on her GCSW blog.

*****Follow Me on Twitter (amama2twins)





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and I don’t really care what the furry little rodent sees.  My life is pretty much like Bill Murray‘s is in the movie Groundhog Day. I wake up the same, I go to bed the same.  Somewhere in the middle is a series of mild disasters, a few tears (mine and the Twinkies), some growling (me and the dogs), some food (mostly for the Twinkies) and there we are.

Although I live in Pennsylvania, I live about as far away from Punxsutawney as you can get and still be in the Keystone State.  They are a different breed up there….(and that is all I am going to say about that)  And, while I am on the subject,  I don’t even want to know hoe “Gobbler’s Knob” got it name.  Really….talk about TMI (too much information).  I have nothing against groundhogs in general.  I love animals.  I think PETA suggesting that they use and animatronics version of Phil is a bit much…ok…it is down right stupid.  The people up there worship “Phil The Groundhog”.  He lives better than I did when I was in college!!!

My day yesterday was wonderful.  I am not going into much detail about that, but it was just what the doctor ordered.  And besides that, I actually sorted and folded socks, and hung up laundry.  Yeah, I was in a pretty darn good mood to do that and then ADMIT it on my blog.

Daniel was a little fussy in the night.  He keeps putting his hands over his ears and screaming.  I am not sure if it is because he is getting the 2 year molars, he has the start of an ear infection, or even he thinks that his screaming and squealing is too loud (the boy can blow out an eardrum!).  Having never had 2 year old before…. I am asking all those mommies out there who have walked down this path to shed some insight…..

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The Smirk
Image by OldOnliner via Flickr

Despite the hubby being in a crappy mood and Daniel being cranky with the whole teething thing and both kids being down with a stomach flu this week, for some “strange” reason, I am in a really, really good mood today.  I mean the kind of mood where you walk around with a smirk on your face and a “Kiss My Butt” swagger.  Yeah, that is exactly where I am right now.  Smirking……imagine that!  Ask yourself….when was the last time you smirked?  Or swaggered around?  Well, ladies, it has been far too long for me.  I should have entitled this post “How Kari Got Her Groove Back” but that might give too much away…..and that is all I am going to say about that….and no, it is not caffeine induced…I have moved on to the Folgers 1/2 caff coffee…..

I had a nice visit at mom and dad’s last night for chicken casserole, and then was back over early this afternoon and pigged out on McDonalds.  So much for the diet.  I have been really good since I put on the 10 lbs over Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Food is huge for my family during the holidays…and how can you say no?  But I am back on track….no more cheating…..back to my egg white and tomato omelette in the morning…..yup….swearing off the carbs….. (let’s see how long this lasts!!!! LOL).

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Perigee Full Moon
Image by dalrealgerk via Flickr

So, Melissa came down with  some kind of gastrointestinal virus (i.e. the stomach bug) last night.  Poor thing was a fountain for about 4 hours and ended up with the dry heaves.  So, my mother has been sick, Daniel has been sick, and now Melissa is sick (well recovering) but is still running a slight fever.  It seems everyone around us has the same bug.  So, what happenes if I get sick?  Who is gonna take care of me?  I am the world’s worst patient.

And in case you hadn’t heard, tonight is a Perigee moon….that means it will be bigger (about 14%) and fuller than any other time in 2010.  I hope I can stay awake long enough to see it.  I have always been a fan of full moons….and no, I don’t often consider myself a lunatic….some others might…..

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Minute Pasta (Pastina, used for soups)
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Did I mention that for the second time in a year, I found worms in my San Giorgio pasta.   It was their elbow macaroni.  Yes, worms.  They look like little tiny mealworms but apparently they are  weevils. And I love my carbs as much as the next girl, no way am I eating that pasta.  I called New World Pasta for a second time to complain because I had actually purchased this box with coupons that they sent me the last time.  They offered to send more coupons, but I think I am sticking to Barilla pastas in the future.  I am just a little too grossed out……

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